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Fab in 4

Ok, let’s just face it: Losing weight can be hard.


Especially if you try to go it alone. But I here to tell you it’s not nearly as hard and dare I say easy and even fun (gasp!) when you do it with the support of a fitness family in your corner.


But let me back up a minute...  I know by now you may have heard about and/or seen the results from our other highly successful weight loss/fitness programs.  (But this may be the best and most comprehensive and EASIEST one yet!)


Now I’m going to show you how to you and I along with my team are going to take you on this program to the next level.


Yes, sure you can go on your own and make some progress, but research has shown when you are part of a community (what we call our “Fitness Family”) your results are actually increased by 76%.


YES, LOSE FAT 76% FASTER!  (do I have your attention?)


Ok, this might sound too good to be true right? Well let me show you how you will drop weight and inches faster (and with less effort) than you ever thought possible…


Smart Nutrition:

Ok, let me tell you something you already know: You can’t out train a bad diet. That’s because what we eat determines if our body is in fat STORAGE or FAT BURNING mode.


So, what we eat sets the metabolic stage and determines if we are melting fat or not. So, we need to be 100% sure what we eat supports our goals right?


And here is something else you already know - guess what to eat (or “winging it”) just doesn’t work.


You’ve got to have a plan. A solid, proven fat loss nutrition plan that includes some key ingredients


  • Never Leaves You Hungry

  • Supports Fat Loss 24/7

  • Easy to Follow Guide

  • Allows for “Cheat Days”

  • 30 Days of Grocery Lists

  • 30 Days of Done-For-You Menus

  • Custom Recipe Book

  • Food choices that taste AMAZING (and your family will love)


And here is something you probably DID NOT know…


When you eat right for fat loss your workouts are EXPONENTIALLY more effective. Yup, when follow our super easy-to-follow program you will burn EVEN MORE fat at every training session than ever before.


Crazy right? It get’s even better because...


It’s Time To Get Motivated!!!!


Right now I know you’re motivated. You want to lose that weight You want to change your life, you want to get back into your skinny jeans and completely rock that little black dress.


But together we can do better. You see motivation is like a fire, and it is something you must have on the inside. I can’t give it to you - you have to have it already. At least a spark - something.


Once you have that spark (and you know you do) we can help you turn it into a RAGING INFERNO!


Your motivation will skyrocket. Your drive to create the life you deserve will go through the roof!


So that…


If you ever hit a stumbling block

If you ever think you can’t do it

If you ever start to believe you are not worth it

If you ever hit a hurdle

If you ever start to doubt yourself…


Keep reminding yourself that you THAT YOU ARE AWESOME - and that you can achieve anything you put your mind to!


Yes, on the “FAB in 4” program you will discover the secret of UNLIMITED MOTIVATION.


But I’m not done with you yet… there’s more…


You need Accountability!


Overcoming mental barriers is hard. The BS stories we create in our heads. The ones that tell us we “can’t” do something.


You know, the LIES we tell ourselves.


The first thing you need to do is understand that they are LIES and that you DESERVE a happy and healthy life.


The second thing to do is to understand that if you are not happy with your current shape it IS NOT YOUR FAULT (but it is your responsibility to do something about it.)


So, finding a support system is imperative to your success.


Make sure that you’re only associating yourself with people who are positive and make your life better. If you have a friend that is always bringing down the mood with negativity, it’s likely time to distance yourself. I know that sounds harsh, but your happiness is worth it.


When you surround yourself with positive and driven people, you will find yourself being more positive as well, and a great attitude goes a long way to ensuring your success.


You are 100% responsible for going after your dreams, so don’t hold yourself back. We will help you to be accountable for the decisions you make as well as be prepared to take responsibility and let your support group help you get back on track.


When you surround yourself with success-minded individuals you will find success, it’s as simple as that.


And I have not even told you the best part yet... THE CRAZY LOW PRICE!


I wanted to make the “FAB in 4” available to as many motivated and deserving people as possible. When you add up the done-for-you menus, grocery lists, custom cookbook, and support as well as all the other bonuses I could easily charge $500 for a fat loss program that is this comprehensive.


But like I said I want you to have access at a price that fits most every budget.


That is why I have cut the price for this once-in-a-lifetime experience to only $49.99.


That’s WAAAAAAY off my regular price!


That’s right - look and feel better than you have in years, slide back into those skinny jeans, slink back into that little black dress, rock that 2-piece bathing suit while you flatten your belly (and drop 12-19 pounds) all for under $50!


Oh, did I mention it is all 100% guaranteed? Well, it is. You’re going to be happy with your results or you get every penny back. Yes, EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.


I call it my “happiness guarantee” :)


Fair enough?



That is why you cannot wait, do not put this off...



To your health,




P.S. 30 days from the start of the “FAB in 4” program you could be 12-19 lbs. lighter, full of energy, and feeling great about yourself. Doesn't that sound better than struggling along on your own trying to lose weight and getting nowhere? Let's do this together!

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