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28 Day Lockdown

📣Looking For A Way To Stay Fit At Home While Social Distancing?


😀 Right Now, we are offering 28-days of Heart pumping, Immune-Boosting Training Sessions, designed by our top coaches for just $2 a day!


🤪 A 28-Day At Home Training Program, Designed By Our Top Coaches That Your Whole Family Can Do - In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.


🙅‍♀️ This is not a "pre-recorded" program.


👍 Our coaches have designed for you 28 Days of Fun, Energizing & Immune-Boosting Workouts.


🏋️‍♂️ Get 28 Days of Fun, Energizing & Immune-Boosting Workouts, Designed By Our Top Coaches Today! (PLUS OUR EXTRA BONUSES!)


✅ Our coaches design our programs with specifics in mind, based on science and proven results.


😎 You’ll Also Get Lifetime access to the workouts and program that can be done anytime!


✅ 2 different COMPLETELY DONE FOR YOU workout programs!  One is a "Home" (no equipment) workout program and one is a "Gym" (if you have a "garage gym”). Your choice on what you want to do. Also, we've included at no charge, a "Warm Up Program", an additional quick "10 Minute at Home Program", a fun and exciting "Challenges Program", a "Flexibility / Mobility Program", and a weekly calendar we've added in as extra bonuses for you!

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