Get fit, get in shape, feel better, be the best you can be!

We emphasize Personal Training because we know our trainers put time, effort and dedication into designing specialized workout plans that suit the needs of our members. Being that everybody is built differently, people have different abilities, skills and (unfortunately) injuries... and our certified personal trainers keep your individual goals and capabilities in mind as you progress along your fitness journey.  Whether you are a younger athlete looking to get bigger, stronger and faster or just an average adult who is looking to shed a few pounds and feel a little better, we are ready for you!

When you join, you will get the chance to meet one of our trainers while they perform your fitness assessment and give you your first taste of Personal Training here. 

For those of you who do not like the individualized attention, we also offer Small Group Training (SGT).  Our SGT's provide more of a competitive atmosphere for small group of people with similar goals and abilities, at an affordable price.